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About 24CarrotCraft

24CarrotCraft is a vanilla, PvE survival server set on hard mode. We strive to keep a clean and fun community for everyone to enjoy. Only the best membership applications get accepted by us. We pride ourselves on remaining as vanilla as possible. No teleportation, no commands, no game changing additions to the game play. Just a simple, raw Minecraft experience on a highly active server who's map has been carefully chosen.

Working together as a community, making towns and helping one another is something we cherish. If you're looking for an attempt to mimic Hermitcraft or Mindcrack this isn't it. We are bigger and better than those servers and have a large mature, grief free player base that is active at all hours of the day. Our players login from across the world to join in our community.

We are professionally maintained, and we're constantly making improvements to the infrastructure of the server so that the only thing you have to do is enjoy the game like it was meant to be played. To ensure this our professional and friendly staff utilize a robust set of tools to ensure that no one steals, no one cheats. Our robust block logging allows us to make sure that grief will not ruin your time on our server.

24CarrotCraft uses a greylist which means that anyone can login, but only those that have had their application accepted may build!


Our map has been carefully selected just for you. Featuring all biomes within 3000 blocks from spawn. Our secret seed keeps the magic alive and makes exploring fun and exciting. Find a spot to build or just check out what other players have been up to! This all can be done with the use of our dynamic map check it out!

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Player Statistics and Highscores

If you are looking to be the best at mining stone or placing dirt, we got you fam. Our web based statistics are always up to date. Brag to your friends about how much netherrack you have mined, or how much you need to mine. Get started now by checking out our statistics pages.

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Community Comes First!

24CarrotCraft is all about the community, we use multiple platforms for collaboration and communication. From voice to social media. Keep up to date with the latest news and info

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Donating to 24CarrotCraft

24CarrotCraft runs on a dedicated server with powerful hardware ensuring that there will be no interruptions in gameplay. With our top-tier bandwidth provider, you can count on our server to stay up 99.9% of the time. This service does come with a price, the cost of running and maintaining a server is not free. 24CarrotCraft since being founded December 30th, 2015 has been 100% funded by you the community. Members are under no obligation to donate to the server but all donations are very much appreciated. As a thank you we offer a few non game altering perks to acknowledge donors. These perks do not give any advantage to the gameplay whatsoever we do not believe in pay to win.

Donor Perks:

  • Command: /ignore IGN - The ability to ignore those that bother you or for when you want a nice quiet chat.
  • Command: /co i - CoreProtect's inspection tool. Allows you to see who was in your chests, removed a block, and more!
  • Command: /dynmap hide/show - Hide yourself on the dynmap so people can't stalk you.
  • Command: /villageinfo or /vi for villageinfo
  • Bypass the AFK kick time limit
  • Use colors to design your signs in game how you like. Color Guide.
*All of these perks are granted for 30 days per $5.00 donation. The minimum donation amount is $5.00. We ask that you put your in game name in the notes at the time of donation.

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This is probably the best server I have ever been on.

essilje 24CarrotCraft Community Member

Everyone is nice, welcoming and friendly.

Looking7Glass /r/mcservers moderator

So since diagonal nether paths will supposedly mess up portals on this server and I can't have a southeast tunnel. I'm done. I can't stand rules that exist only for the sake of existing. Someone is on a power trip and that's stupid.

Dr_Blockstar Former Player

This is genuinely the most well run and community driven vanilla server in the world possibly.

_MelonHunter 24CarrotCraft Community Member

You had over 130 people playing and you were still recruiting!

CorwinNightblade 24CarrotCraft Community Member

Could not have asked for a better server tbh.

DrunkenCombine 24CarrotCraft Community Member

This server is so good

bato44 24CarrotCraft Community Member

Great Server!

NeededFocus 24CarrotCraft Community Member


_TheSanaM_ 24CarrotCraft Community Member

Everyone has been so nice and friendly!

klynnm88 24CarrotCraft Community Member

you know this is pretty much the only good server ever.

krantwak 24CarrotCraft Community Member

I really appreciate what you guys do. This is my favorite server pretty much for this reason.

ronMango21 24CarrotCraft Community Member


YMCA 24CarrotCraft Senior Moderator

I love how this server runs things

swampratson 24CarrotCraft Community Member

Highly populated server with a small community feel. Incredibly well-moderated, very reasonable and absolutely no hint of abuse. On the whole a rather mature server with no drama. Would recommend to anyone.

HuskWolfDog 24CarrotCraft Community Member


Are you ready for the best vanilla minecraft experience that you will find? Are you ready to take the jump and become ONE OF US? A warm friendly community is just ahead. All you need to do is read our few simple rules and answer a brief application questionnaire!